[TWITTER] 140313 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates 2: A Gift from Mom


Part 1

 photo 140313kjstw-1.png

My mother sent me a tree today. It’s called the ‘Happiness Tree’. My living room seems warmer with this one tree. The shadow that spreads in the light is quite beautiful

 photo BinXT6lCEAABuV2jpg_large.jpg


 photo 140313kjstw2-1.png

Ah! I don’t know the name of this but… it’s a tree that grows in tropical climates.. The leaves are hugeㅎㅎ isn’t there a palm tree like this..? It’d be great if there was a living oneㅋ then I’d hug it everyday

 photo BinZEx5CMAEcn0Jjpg_large.jpg


 photo 140313kjstw03-2.png

 photo 140313kjstw04-2.png

Lihat pos aslinya 87 kata lagi


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